JTBC's 'She Would Never Know' casts shares why they accepted the drama project and what to look forward to through the drama's virtual press conference.

On January 19, Tuesday, JTBC's 'She Would Never Know' main casts, Won Jin Ah, SF9's Rowoon, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Joo Bin, and director Lee Dong Yoon, attended the virtual press conference ahead of the JTBC's 'She Would Never Know' official premiere. The casts shared why they accepted the drama projects and what the viewers should look forward to as the story gets deeper in each episode.

First, Director Lee Dong Yoon introduced the drama series as a bubbly charming film and the casts' on-screen chemistry despite age gaps. Referring to the Korean translation of the title, 'Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick,' the director added that the setting would be in a cosmetics company related to lipsticks. Still, there's more about it that the viewers must know for themselves.

When the main cast members were asked what made them accept the project, Woon Jin Ah responded to how the title had a bold and strong impact when it was introduced to her over the phone.

She further noted, "I wondered if the drama would be intense, but how the emotions develop in the story is steady and realistic. Although I haven't had the same experiences, I was able to sympathize with the story and was drawn in by the realistic way that the emotions unfold."

SF9's Rowoon also shared his thoughts and shared how the title gives off a sexy vibe. Moreover, Lee Dong Yoon praised Won Jin Ah for her exceptional acting skills through her previous works and said Won-Jin Ah has a genuine understanding of her role, which he liked the most.

Furthermore, Lee Joo Bin revealed her first time acting role from a wealthy family, which she wanted to give a try, while Lee Hyun Wook decided to venture on a new drama concept following his thriller project with OCN's 'Search.'

'She Would Never Know' officially premiered its episodes yesterday, January 18. Tune here on The KpopReporter for more updates!