South Korean-Japanese project girl group IZ*ONE is one of the town's talks in the case of vote manipulation from Produce 101 and its plans in extending their contracts with CJ ENM.

That said, netizens react to the band members' considerations in extending their contracts with various comments.

IZ*ONE members' agencies are in talks with CJ ENM

The K-pop all-girl groups' contract expires this coming April, leading the netizens to discuss whether the members will renew their contracts with CJ ENM.

For the time being, as revealed by a credible source, CJ ENM is in the process of gathering representatives from some of the members' agencies to discuss the possible extension of the band's contract.

A previous report stated that only some members' agencies are in full cooperation regarding the matter, while some are not. However, CJ ENM will fully respect the agencies' decisions, whether it is extending the contract of their artist or not.

Off The Record Entertainment, IZ* ONE's label, issued a statement that addresses the speculations, saying the band will still carry on its group activities until April.

Netizens blurt out comments about the matter

In an online community, netizens gather to express their various comments about IZ* ONE's future career plans.

One K-netizen commented, "They should have disbanded a long time ago when it was revealed that they were a result of vote manipulation."

Another netizen said, "I think this is just to stir up more controversy. They're going to disband."

IZ*ONE was previously headlined in media outlets when it was revealed they were among the Produce 101 groups formed from a vote manipulation. The news led to the arrest of some staff from the show and is currently on trial for the crimes they have committed.

For the time being, IZ*ONE members have not commented on the news, but one thing is for sure: the band will still be as one until the contract expires in April.