K-Netizens are doubting the results of the recently held '35th Golden Disc Awards' as they believe the scores have been possibly rigged or manipulated. 

On January 10, Sunday, the 35th Golden Disc Awardees under the category of 'Digital Song Division' has been revealed on the spot in the awarding ceremony. As per the criteria, the winners are determined through their 60 percent album sales, 40 percent score from the judges, and 50 percent from the music industry specialists. 

That said, netizens are doubting and wondering as to how the girl group ITZY has won the 'Bonsang Award' over rapper Changmo. Through a Korean online community, DCInside, the users started to thoroughly review and analyze the sales figures of all the nominees of the 'Bonsang Award' category, as they wonder why Changmo failed to obtain the title. 

According to the 'Melon Music Awards Minor Gallery' chart, Changmo's 'Meteor' scored tremendously higher with a total of 55.20 sales score more than ITZY's 'Wannabe' which only had a total of 19.57 percent of sales score. The chart and the results made the netizens believe that the '35th Golden Disc Awards' made some score rigging on their final results. 

Moreover, given the data, ITZY must beat rapper Changmo's figures by acquiring at least 35.64 judge points to fully obtain the 'Bonsang Award' title. This scoring theory made the netizens speculate Changmo failed to get at least 1 percent of the judges' vote. 

However, other K-netizens believe that it is unlikely for ITZY to get the judges' majority votes as it was reported that BTS possesses the judges' highest votes of 34.74 percent. 

One netizen commented, "The only explanation that would work at this point is if the judges gave Changmo negative points... which, obviously, doesn't make sense. So what really happened?"

This vote-rigging controversy of the '35th Golden Disc Awards' made netizens believe that Changmo got robbed for his supposed to be 'Bonsang' Award.

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