The Return of Superman's child wonder Bentley Hammington had himself a BTS V get up, as he chose his favorite K-pop idol in the latest episode of the show.

The Return of Superman goes to Big Hit Entertainment

In the recent episode of The Return of Superman, the hit reality show's cast and staff found themselves in the home management of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment. The show had a tour around the building but was not fortunate enough to meet BTS.

The episode was broadcasted on January 3 (Sunday), where Sam Hammington and his two cute children, William and Bentley, showed their great love for the Life Goes On singers and rappers.

Allkpop stated that Bentley is a huge fan of the Snow Flower singer V and never failed to express his unfading love for the idol on various occasions.

Bentley Hammington dresses up like V

"Not only William but Bentley are addicted to BTS these days," Sam said, as Daum quoted. Adding to Sam's revelation, he shared that the two boys got very busy the morning before they went to Big Hit Entertainment.

The busy comes in with William and Bentley's dance covering BTS's Dynamite. In the episode, Sam asked, who does he like among the seven lads, and Bentley answered, "I am V."

Bentley goes to Big Hit Entertainment's building wearing the same outfit V wore on Dynamite's music video with no hesitations. He imitated his idol throughout, introduced himself as "Bwi Bwi," and posed like V just like the idol's posing from ON.

In the building, the security guards asked if the Hammington brothers booked an appointment to see BTS, leading Bentley to introduce himself the name mentioned above.

Recently, Bentley also showed his love for Jungkook by calling the maknae's name in all BTS photos he saw at a restaurant together with his father and brother.