Bentley Hammington shows he was a Jungkook bias when he picked the idol on every BTS picture calling out his name on The Return of Superman.

Bentley Hammington knows BTS Jungkook so well

In the recent episode of The Return of Superman on KBS2, there hails a scene where Sam Hammington and his sons, William and Bentley, entered a restaurant with BTS photos everywhere.

Without a doubt, Bentley points out all photos, especially if Jungkook is in it. Upon seeing the BTS group photo, the child called out Jungkook's name and did it repeatedly until there is no more.

That said, as per Allkpop, Bentley endearingly shows who he likes the most in the South Korean all-boy group. When the viewers though Bentley's name dropping game ended, another round took over when the child saw another set of BTS photos.

Bentley recognizing Jungkook happened three times during the whole scene, calling out, "Jungkook!" Shortly, the show's host cheekily said, "It seems maknaes have a special connection."

Adding a funny side to the story, when the restaurant owner pointed the seat where BTS V sat, Bently switched over to that particular side, snapping his Jungkook fever right back through the photos.

Fans reacted to Bentley Hammington's choice of bias

According to Korea Boo, ARMYs could not help themselves but laugh at Bentley getting bias by the golden maknae.

Due to that, Bentley stormed over the worldwide trending list as fans expressed their admiration for the child's cuteness. More viewers became fond of Sam's son, seeing him recognize the one and only Jungkook in all BTS photos.

Fans took to Twitter, with one fan said, "This cute lil kid Bently loves our googie," with a crying emoticon on the side.

Another fan wrote, "Baby Bentley recognizing jungkook everywhere," and still the crying emoticon afterward.

Undoubtedly, Bentley captured the hearts of the ARMYs, leading some to express the relatable they share with the child.