Big Hit Entertainment, the home of BTS and TXT, announced a warning statement regarding the people who continue to slander the two K-pop groups.

Big Hit Entertainment's two statements

Korea Boo shared that on December 30 (Wednesday), the South Korea-based entertainment unveiled an official statement towards severe addressing. That said, the agency announced that it would take legal actions against the people who deserve one directly.

The people behind the cases write malicious comments and posts about Life Goes On and Blue Hour singers and rappers.

The statement comes in two letters, posted on BTS and TXT's respective Weverse community. The legal proceedings were talked about by Big Hit Entertainment and the damages that need to be paid upon by the offenders.

Dissecting the statements of Big Hit Entertainment

The statements, which are both alike, with only the band's name as the differences, stated that the agency regularly initiates legal actions on the people behind harassing BTS and TXT.

It includes spreading baseless information, ill-intentioned criticisms, sexual harassment, defamation, and personal attacks of any form, as Soompi reported.

Big Hit Entertainment further shared that they have already filed additional evidence and complaints, all thanks to the concerned fans who gathered such pieces of proofs. Furthermore, the agency holds monitoring initiatives to make sure two of its artists are well-protected.

"For these individuals, we will initiate legal proceedings against them until their malicious behaviors stop completely," Big Hit Entertainment stated, addressing the people who broke the accords mentioned above.

The agency will also look for the people who created multiple accounts to harass and slander BTS and TXT. However, fans need not worry as BTS will take care of them accordingly.

To finish off the statements, Big Hit Entertainment asks fans to make use of sending pieces of evidence that can help strengthen the complaints via its hotline