Jessi flaunted her sultry and alluring body and red dress on Instagram as she poses with the contestants of the program Show Me The Money 9.

Jessi is ageless

On December 19 (Saturday), an American rapper based in South Korea, Jessi, shared a series of photos of her posing her mesmerizing curvy body in an alluring red dress, alongside the contestants of Show Me The Money 9.

As per Allkpop, the contestants are the rappers of the show, who gracefully posed with Jessi. The caption the Nuna Nuna singer wrote speaks so much of her aura on the photos; it reads: "The beauty of empty space. Let's go."

Moreover, the red outfit donned by Jessica Ho, her full name, best matches her long sleek black hair, and the rappers' black and brown leather ensembles. The female rapper-singer posed side by side with the contestants, proving her camaraderie to everyone.

Jessi posed beside rapper JUSTHIS, leading fans gush over the vibe and get up of the female rapper. Undoubtedly, Jessi's aura and demeanor are an eye-catching, added spice by her voluptuous body figure, which she is always known to possess.

Jessi coveted her Instagram followers' attention and the netizens, as the fans expressed their appreciation for their idol. Since Jessi made her way to the K-Hip-Hop spotlight, she has always been a head-turner, fascinating everyone she meets with her distinct aura.

Jessi is proof that K-pop is not limited to anything. She breaks the stigma believed by many by carrying the banner that beauty is beyond and above.

Jessi on Show Me The Money 9

On December 18, Mnet's Show Me The Money 9 was graced by Jessi with a performance unlike no other. She and GroovyRoom's team performed, in support of the Tim Mush Venom, according to Naver.

Meanwhile, check out Jessi's photos above and tell us in the comments section about your thoughts.