The South Korean-Chinese all-boy group EXO proves its existence in the industry despite the members going solo. That said, Soompi delighted the beloved fans of EXO with a piece of news that links the band to its sleeping Youtube race!

EXO's Love Shot hits a whopping view figure on Youtube

The sultry Love Shot's hit track and the music video have not exceeded 350 million views on Youtube. As reflected in the video streaming platform, the music video's staggering number of views coveted proves its fact.

In particular, the band's music video only took EXO about two years and four days to achieve the whopping view figure. Love Shot music video was uploaded on Youtube on December 13, 2018, which became an instant hit because of its eccentric yet sultry tempo, alongside the dance moves that indeed made everyone sway their bodies.

Love Shot is the title track of EXO's Don't Mess Up My Tempo repackaged version album in the same year the video was released. What makes the video prominent among others is the sensuality portrayed in a prim and proper manner.

On March 4, 2019, it already surpassed the 100-million-view mark, and shortly in October the same year, it climbed it to 300 million views.

EXO's Love Shot earned a new tag

Furthermore, with Love Shot's success on the worldwide video streaming platform, the music video is now the band's fastest music video to reach the said number. The music video of Monster before handily owned the title; however, the music video fell short with Love Shot for about two years and a few months.

 Undoubtedly, EXO is still making a name as a band, despite some members going solo and some enlisted in the military service. Until today, the SM Entertainment boy group's ever-supportive fans are still hoping for a reunion to happen soon, with Xiumin just discharged from his military service.