From being called the "Twitter King" for his over the top tweets for three consecutive years, Jungkook is now again the trending topic of the social media platform being the "Sold Out King" for his incomparable charisma, which radiates in everything he sells.

Today, Jungkook is on the No. 3 top trending topic worldwide and the highest trending Kpop idol after he was seen arriving at the KBS song festival. Aside from that, the media praised Jungkook for his impact and selling power after his Dicon cover became a best-seller, commemorating all his "sold out" saga, including Downy, Prada jacket, and more.

Jungkook Is Selling High With His Visuals On The Magazine

The same day with the 2020 KBS Song Festival, Dicon also released their 10th issue today, with BTS members on the cover. Simultaneously, the magazine also released individual members' cover versions.

For the first half-day after magazine release, Jungkook's cover has sold the most among all other individual covers on Korea's Gmarket, which shows his tremendous popularity.

On Gmarket, the cover of Jungkook is the first one to sell over 1,000 and 2,000 units. And by 7:42 pm (KST), with 2,724 sales, Jungkook's cover was leading.

Furthermore, on G-market's Best Seller in the early hours after Dicon's 10th issue release, Jungkook's cover ranked 3rd overall. It is the highest-ranking individual cover, while BTS's group cover is ranked at the top spot.

The Always 'Trending' King

Jungkook today also trended No. 3 worldwide after arriving at the KBS song festival with a striking and sexy outfit, slightly curly hair, and overflowing charisma.

Moreover, in the United States, Jungkook also trended at No. 9 in 60 other countries. He also made waves on Twipple for taking the No. 3 spot of trending topics while No. 2 on Twipple Japan 'Sexy Zone.'

With all these mesmerizing achievements of the BTS maknae, it only shows that Jungkook is one of the world's most influential celebrities today.