The "King of K-Pop," BTS Jimin, captured the attention of a studio giant after dressing up as a minion on the latest Run BTS episode.

Jimin on his Minion-style photo for Run BTS

BTS's 25-year-old lead vocalist is always a stunner, a head-turner, and an eye-catcher to many. His popularity and fame worldwide are unlike no other, captivating awes and gaining attention from time to time, from his dashing visuals and unique vocals to his ensembles that always bring out diverse themes and meanings.

BTS Jimin once again headlined Allkpop as he caught his fans' and critics' attention when he wore a famous character's costumer-the minions!

With that said, Jimin captured not just one but two of the film industry's giant Twitter accounts on his latest get-up on the recent episode of Run BTS.

Collaboration on the way?

Brace yourselves, ARMYs, this is a shock: On Twitter on December 16 (Wednesday), the official accounts of Minions and Illumination Studios dropped their reaction to Jimin dressing up as a minion. The studios expressed their delight to the South Korean idol in several fan posts after getting a snitch on the similarities of the character to Jimin.

The resemblance of Jimin with the famous character has Illumination Studios respond to a fan that says Jimin does looks like the minion. That said, the entertainment giant replied with, "Jimin is Bob."

Bob is the minion who made his name steals the viewers' hearts and the kiddos as a character full of love. Despite the scenario and the situation, Bob always sees the love in it, making it very similar to Jimin's personality. On the other hand, Minions' account retweeted a side by side photo of Jimin with a yellow heart and lollipop emoticon.

On top of all these, fans speculate that Jimin and the entertainment company are teaming up something steamy. However, it seems like none of it is in legit papers yet, but fans are still in their high hopes for it.