The BTS lead vocalist, Jimin, 25, rocked the world of Twitter when he became a hot topic shortly after the Melon Music Awards 2020. The singer also trended even before the show started and during.

BTS Jimin is back at it

The world's most phenomenal K-pop group, BTS, managed by Big Hit Entertainment, graced the annual event of Melon, the Melon Music Awards 2020. The band took home the grand prizes of the ceremony, making the band more prominent.

Before the awarding commences, various media outlets unveiled shots of BTS, leading many to gush over Jimin's dashing visuals and mesmerizing get-up.

The event has Jimin debut his new hair color, making it a trending topic worldwide. The blue-haired Jimin finished at number three in the Twitter trending list worldwide with the keyword "JIMIN BLUE HAIR," and in the United States.

ARMYs from across the globe were stunned when Jimin graced the red carpet with blue hair, marking his blue hair return in the spotlight, per Geotv.

Allkpop reported that Jimin again trended during the show, with the keyword "JIMINS," that trended worldwide at number ten. The said keyword also made its way to the top of the local trending list in over ten countries.

When the MMA 2020 concluded, the Filter singer took to BTS's Twitter account to share a message that says, "ARMYs, did you enjoy watching the performance we prepared? We were able to win so many awards thanks to you guys. Thank you so much."

ARMYs are going insane when Jungkook lifted Jimin during Black Swan

BTS kicked off its 17-minute long performance at the MMA 2020 with a ballet set to its hit song Black Swan. The gracefulness and versatility of the six lads (Suga is still on health hiatus) were flaunted during the performance, but the part where Jungkook lifted Jimin made fans go crazy.

According to Elitedaily, the two dashing BTS members wore white ensemble while the backup dancers were dressed in black. The two singers' ballet routine sees a lift of Jungkook to Jimin and spun him around to Black Swan's music.

ARMYs were then very rapid to praise Jungkook and Jimin, saying that the lift part is a "moment of art."