South Korean actor Jung Woo Sung speaks up his thoughts on the Yemeni refugee issue that has been an agitating talk for quite a long time. As the U.N. refugee agency ambassador, the actor made sure to address the issue in a most-prim way, making everyone drop their jaws.

The issue

For two years now, 550 Yemeni refugees were forced to settle on Jeju Island. It started when Yemeni citizens applied for tourists but later applied an asylum to live on the island due to the war going on in Yemen.

Since then, the refugees never left Jeju Island, making it an issue for some. However, the 47-year-old actor made sure to change the perceptions of many towards the refugees.

Jung Woo Sung declared the refugees are not dangerous

On December 14 (Monday), Insight reported that UNHCR's year-end gathering was held at The Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. He was given a chance to speak on the event in-person but could not attend due to the COVID-19 contact he had, leading him to be quarantined.

But Jung Woo Sung appeared via video conference, saying that the Yemeni refugees in Jeju Island have already settled and adapted to the culture. The actor added they are already a part of the community there.

"Unlike what some feared, the refugees who entered into Jeju were not dangerous to our society," the actor added, and as quoted by Allkpop. He further mentioned that the refugees have proved themselves worthy to be called a part of the Korean society by diligently living for the past two years.

In the past, Jung Woo Sun has visited refugee camps worldwide, including those who are in South Sudan, Lebanon, Rohingya, and Jeju Island. He aims to call for refugee interest and needed support for those stuck in unfamiliar places due to their home countries' issues.