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Kim Seon Ho and Nam Joo Hyuk's bromance is underrated

The finale episode of the famous Korean drama series Start-Up aired last weekend, and the viewers could not help but melt down in their couches while watching the ending. Pinkvilla stated that some fans were satisfied, but some were also on the opposite side.

The news site divulged into the dissection of how the scenes and moments of lead male actors Kim Seon Ho and Nam Joo Hyuk is an epic bromance!

The love between the three lead stars, including Suzy's character, always hails her as hindering the two characters' sparking bromance.

Nam Joo Hyuk plays as Nam Do San while Kim Seon Ho acts as Han Ji Pyeong, where they were seen together arguing who kept Seo Dal Mi's (Suzy) letters.

Another moment shared by the two actors is when Han Ji Pyeong went to Nam Do San's home, ending up getting drunk by alcohol. Hangover stormed all over Han Ji Pyeong, leading him to recall what happened the night before.

He then remembers how Nam Do San confided in him that it was his hands that Seol Dal Mi liked very much. With that said, the last episodes have Han Ji Pyeong conclude that Seol Dal Mi is still all over Nam Do San, and he can never be the guy that can covet the heart of Seol Dal Mi.

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Kim Seon Ho's fans hate Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk?

According to Korea Boo, Kim Seon Ho fans were caught dissing Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk on one of his fan cafes.

"I thought for a moment that perhaps the writer meant to write Ji Pyung as the male lead, but due to external pressures, she turned it around instead," one fan wrote.

The actor's fans did not name any names, though, but it is apparent that they are calling out Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk to the matter. They only used initials and other terms whenever there is a need to point out a person.

Kim Seo Hon still has not responded to the issue, neither his agency.