Start-Up occurs in a fictional location of Silicon Valley, where young achievers cross swords against each other to achieve their dreams and goals amid the developing companies in the industry. Suzy plays the role of Seo Dali Mi, while Nam Joo Hyuk is her partner who acts as Nam Do San.

For the avid viewers of tvN’s Start-Up, here some stills you need to know!

Start-Up episode 12 comes in significant uncertainty for characters: SPOILERS

According to Soompi, the drama series's previous episode hails Seo Dal Mi finding everything that she needed to know about her first love. The case leads to endangering her sole relationship with Nam Do San.

The turn of events sees a massive round-about when Han Ji Pyung (Kim Seon Ho) was the actual person who wrote the said letters, claiming the request of her beloved grandmother Choi Won Deok (Kim Hae Sook).

Seo Dal Mi, indeed, felt down and off as she felt deprived of the truth. And for Nam Do San, he turned out to be in intense heartache for putting up with Seo Dal Mi’s confusion.

But Seo Dal Mi did not forget to ring the bell that she was the actual reason Samsan Tech could venture out to Silicon Valley. The vast matter made her build up her faith again and sparked up another flame to achieve her goal to become a leader.

With all the revelations in Seo Dal Mi’s life, another set of stills shows achiever whit Nam Do San on a date. The two dwell in a restaurant while they both shared sweet gestures. However, Suzy worries Nam Do San as his face is bandaged, covering some bruises and wounds. This sparks up a heated conversation between the two characters.

Where to watch?

tvN’s Start-Up will airs every weekend, as per HITC, following KST, it will be on November 23 (Sunday) at 9 P.M. Visit the official website of HITC for the list of time zone premier of Start-Up.

Meanwhile, stream Start-Up on Netflix!