Rookie boy band ENHYPEN has officially canceled all their remaining scheduled media guesting and their upcoming radio schedule to undergo COV-19 testing. 

On December 9, Wednesday, Soompi reported that ENHYPEN had halted all their media appearances to undergo COVID-19 testing after the virus infected an outsourced staff. Their upcoming appearance for the MBC FM4U 'Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon' tomorrow was also canceled in accordance with the health safety of the members and staff of the show. 

MBC Radio also announced the abrupt cancellation of ENHYPEN's guesting for tomorrow. In the letter, MBC made clear that ENHYPEN, who is supposed to be a guest for 'Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon' show, will be canceled due to a staff who contracted the COVID-19.

For ENHYPEN members and staff's health benefit, the rookie group will undergo COVID-19 testing and be self-quarantining until the official results are out. 'This is a measure to prevent the spread of the virus, so we ask for your understanding.' MBC concluded. 

Moreover, ENHYPEN's managing label BELIFT LAB also announced their official statement, revealing that they will take the initiative to undergo COVID-19 testing and self-quarantine protocols even without the official request from the health authorities yet. This is to avoid further transmission of the virus and will update the fans and public once the test results of the ENHYPEN members are out. 

Many fans are worried for ENHYPEN members but are amazed at how the managing label, BELIFT LAB, seized the moment to ensure its artists' health by taking the initiative of having the members undergo COVID-19 testing and quarantine. Some fans are taking it on Twitter to express their concerns and prayers for ENHYPEN members' health.

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