The lead vocalist of BTS, Jimin, shared some news on the band’s forthcoming album on his recent live stream session on BT’s official Youtube channel, Allkpop reported.

BTS Jimin on BE

“Almost all of the songs are pretty much ready at this point,” the singer said. He then added that the music video was a fun shoot and that many people have been curious about the album.

Jimin continued the broadcast by saying that it was fun working with the whole album, considering that the K-pop septet has taken the responsibility in curating the collection. “This whole process was so fun,” he added.

When talking about the music video, Jimin shared that it was the “roughest” of all music video shoot the band has participated in. Overall, he loved the time he spent with the lads, making them try different things as a band.

Furthermore, Jimin expressed his longing to meet the ARMYs in person, as it has been a long time since they performed live for them.

BTS Jimin’s time spent with fellow band members in creating the album

The Serendipity singer highlighted the talents and works of his fellow BTS brothers. He said that it was fun working on the album with them. He also said that coming together as a band to create an album made them talk about stuff they did not usually talk to like, coming up with themes, music, and not just the concepts.

He went on to reveal that it takes them long hours to discuss a topic about the album. Jimin said that BTS V is the particular member he’d love to discuss regarding the best key to use.

Jimin is the project manager of BE. He shared that he did not much have to do as his sole role is to man and become the channel between the agency and the members, per Soompi.

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing to release BE on November 20.