Kim Seok-jin, best known as Jin from BTS, did not fail to storm over Hongdae's streets on his birthday through the ads prepared by his beloved fans. However, there is something that seems odd about the matter. Check this out.

BTS Jin gifted by fans with ads on the street on his birthday

The eldest member of BTS, who was the latest from the group to release a solo single called Abyss, celebrated his natal day on December 4 (Friday). And with that, ARMYs in the country planned out extravagant and touching events to commemorate the birth of their idol amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Hongdae, a street in Seoul, South Korea, the ad placed by his fans on the roads failed to flutter the hearts of passersby on the day of his birthday.

Newsbeezer reported that on the same day of Jin's birthday, a post from a popular online community went viral when a photo was shared in real-time of the street in Hongdae, Seoul.

Here's the real deal

As one can notice in the image shared (click here), the alleys of the famous street in the city are empty, as people were forced to stay at home due to the social distancing guidelines mandated by the South Korean government.

Allkpop stated that all the establishments and facilities in the area must close by 9 PM and that public transportation that services around the city will be lessened at the same time.

However, COVID-19 is not a hindrance for fans to celebrate Jin's birthday, as they still put the ads on the streets amid the empty streets. Netizens were then very swift to remark that it seems like Jin's birthday was not recognized. But, still, Jin did not fail to storm over the streets.

Hongdae is an area where Western culture is more prominent, and it has always been very crowded. The empty streets of Hongdae are due to the stricter COVID-19 restriction, in light of the government's fight against the deadly virus.