A wonderful treat will be brought by Arirang, as K-pop fans are delighted by a concert event that will indeed be become unforgettable.

An exclusive show for K-pop fans

The Simply K-Pop Year-End Special invites all music lovers, especially K-pop fans, to its year-ender concert event. According to Hellokpop, the said concert will be taking place this coming December 14 and is taking its place via contact-free.

The contact-free manner is all for the security and safety of the beloved staff who works day and night to make the event possible, and as well as to the artists and fans.

Alongside the vast announcement of the Simply K-Pop Year-End Special, Arirang also announced the star-studded ensemble of performers that will be gracing the unique stage.

On Arirang World's official Twitter account, the announcement was made, revealing the concert as a free one. The lineup includes Beat Interactive's A.C.E, Happy Face Entertainment's Dreamcatcher, Blockberry Creative's Loona, and MLD Entertainment's MOMOLAND.

On top of the K-pop groups mentioned above, rookie K-pop groups Weeekly, WEi, and Secret Number will also be performing at the event.

All of the performers will showcase its unique music pieces, alongside dance moves that made them very famous. And for the glory of entertaining fans, all performers will be joining hand-in-hand to bring unique and one-of-a-kind performances for its supportive fans.

How to watch?

In partnership with TikTok, the Simply K-Pop Year-End Special will be streamed at precisely 5:30 PM to 9 PM, following South Korea's time zone.

To stream the concert for free, fans should send an email to simplykpop2021@naver.com from December 4 to December 9. The email should include their sole name, country, and email address. Arirang will officially announce the winners on December 10 and December 11.

With that said, the winners will get the chance to enjoy the different stages of the performers and talk to their idols. Further details will be made available via the event's official social media accounts.