MAMAMOO's finest, Hwasa, has bagged her first Youtube milestone as a solo artist.

Hwasa earns 100 million views with Maria

The AYA singer, who is ¼ of MAMAMOO, Hwasa, impresses fans as she collected her first Youtube achievement. The impressive feat of Hwasa on the worldwide streaming platform is with her solo single's music video, Maria, that took the feat on November 15 (Saturday).

In particular, as per Soompi, it only took Hawas about four months and 17 days to earn 100 million views with Maria, impressing her global fans despite being a solo artist. The feat comes around 10:50 P.M., following South Korea's time zone.

The mesmerizing and eccentric music video of Maria by Hwasa was uploaded on 1theK's official Youtube channel, who earns views from the platform directly and music shows, as per the Youtube channel. And of writing, the music video hails 100,460,879 views, proving Hwasa's dominance among other K-pop artists who emerges as a solo artist from a K-pop group.

Furthermore, the 25-year-old singer shared her delight on her personal Instagram account. She shares a set of photos that shows the behind-the-scenes happening of the music video shoot. The idol also expressed her gratefulness to all the staff that made the music video happened. Hwasa also thanked her fellow MAMAMOO members and the band's fans, who she calls MooMoo.

Dissecting Maria

Maria is a part of Hwasa's debut album of the same, released on June 25, 2020. Meanwhile, the music video was dropped by Hwasa on June 29, 2020.

"I don't think I've ever worked so passionately on something before. I loved it so much to the point that it hurt. Due to that, I think this album will remain in my memory for a long time," Hwasa said when she discussed the process of creating the album.

Celebrate Hwasa's first Youtube feat by re-watching the music video of Maria below!