The globally emerging K-pop all-boy group, The Boyz, is the third artist named by NCSOFT that will grace the all-new fandom UNIVERSE.

The Boyz enlists in UNIVERSE

With the announcement of fellow K-pop groups IZ*ONE and MONSTA X in the mobile playground, Cre.ker Entertainment's 2017 boy group The Boyz is the newest addition to the growing family. With no hesitation, UNIVERSE named the K-pop group that is set to interact and become a part of the new K-pop world brought by NCSOFT.

In a Hellokpop report, NCSOFT made the vast announcement on November 14 (Friday), alongside its subsidiary KLAP. The firms have said that The Boyz is the newest part of the developing firm, making the group's fandom family strengthened.

Through UNIVERSE, The Boyz would be given the immense opportunity to share any content as they interact and communicate with its fans in the real-time event. The K-pop group will cater to its fans in South Korea and the massive fandom they possess in all parts of the world.


Tagged as an emerging K-pop act, the spotlight's new icons were delighted to be in partnership with NCSOFT through UNIVERSE. That said, fans of the boy band are now gearing up to witness the contents and activities their idols have in store for them.

With the team-up's massive announcement between The Boyz and UNIVERSE, the fans' anticipation level is now at its highest peak. And to date, the band nor Cre.ker Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

For fans who want to witness the power of The Boyz in UNIVERSE initially, pre-registrations have officially started on its website on November 12. With that, UNIVERSE is slated to commence by early next year.

For further details regarding the matter, visit the official website of UNIVERSE by clicking here.