To the corresponding members of a K-pop group, a team's disbandment can be quite traumatic.

Several K-pop stars have come forward and talked about what's it like to cope with community separation.

Here is the summary of a few idols that have communicated to the public and shared how hard and painful it could be to contend with dismantling their band:


During an interview, Kyungri disclosed how she ended up feeling after the band, of whom she was a member of almost a decade, agreed to disband. She confirmed that the disbandment of 9MUSES was an unfortunate event, not something decided by the members.

"For about 7-8 years at the time, I was a member of 9-MUSES. But the group collapsed completely out of nowhere. We were prepared to put out an album too, but this was scrapped in the end. Likewise, the band was told not to be together anymore."

When the news made headlines, Kyungri was devastated and heartbroken. Although Kyungri eventually got back on her feet and pursued a different career, she was still heartbroken over the group disbandment.


2NE1's disbandment came as a shock to everyone as the decision was made abruptly. It did not just hurt the fans, but even more so the members of the group.

Dara took the disbandment hard, and for many years it had affected her. Minzy departed the band just before they officially disbanded due to health problems.

Nonetheless, some netizens made false accusations and gossips regarding her departure from the group and even called her a traitor, which strongly affected Minzy.

"Once I left the party, critics said that I betrayed the band. The false news was released. To me, that was the most challenging part. I was just under the age of 22 years old at that time. This is why I haven't been watching [and commenting] news stories for a while. I can't handle it as it was too much and heavy for me," Minzy expressed.

I.O.I.'s Somi

Somi had been an I.O.I member before her solo debut. Somi admitted that it was difficult to abandon her fellow members when I.O.I disbanded because they were important people who played a massive part in her life. She also indicated that it was hard and uncomfortable to watch the other members' debut while hers got continuously discarded.

"To be honest, I did weep. However, I managed to pull through." - Somi.