Elle Magazine features ITZY in two unique cover versions in its upcoming December issue!

ITZY will be gracing the cover of Elle magazine's December issue. The girls posed for their photoshoot in classic looks showing each member's elegant side. They will be dressed warm and cozy in classic Burberry coats while also displaying their chic sides. Their success is their individuality and uniqueness, highlighting their bright personalities serving as role models to many young children worldwide.

ITZY is a South Korean girl group created by JYP Entertainment, namely Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Yuna, and Chaeryeong. The girl group debuted in February 2019 with their single album It'z Different. Meanwhile, they are one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of the 4th generation of idols.

ITZY's Recipe For Growth

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, ITZY discussed and shared their thoughts about teamwork in career, their aspects as a group that they would like to improve like performance, vocals, and overall skills, and talked about their future hopes. They also spoke about the group's identity and their desire to keep growing as artists.

Yeji is ITZY's leader, shared her thoughts about the group's teamwork that makes her happy when she felt like they did an excellent job just as she saw their overall picture of the five members newly created.

On the other hand, Lia also shared about paying attention to her tone while singing as something she hoped to improve as an artist. The uniqueness of someone's timbre and an expressive artist's voice often moves her.

Blossoming Grace Despite Nervousness

Furthermore, Ryujin shared about their fantastic dance performances for which they became known. She tried to divert her nervousness into energy before going up on stage. She thought about their dance performance are defined by how they also sing live at the same time.

Yuna also chimed that living life honestly is what truly makes her confident and free. She believed that to keep the self-esteem is to do the best she can.

The ITZY members explained why they believe confidently that their song lyrics were about being oneself and that no matter what other people may think or say, it is significant.

As Chaeryeong said, their song lyrics might be someone's need to hear to go on with life, and it could be an essential message for that someone who hears it.