ARMYs are delighted to the vast news that awoke them from their sleep on October 30 (Friday) with a special note from BTS Jin.

BTS Jin's new feat on Spotify

Four years after Awake was released as a music piece of BTS's Wings album, the mesmerizing ballad entry of BTS Jin has earned massive streams on one of the leading streaming platform, Spotify.

In recent news, Kim Seokjin, the eldest member of BTS, bagged 60 million streams for Awake on Spotify; the said achievement is the newest addition to BTS's long list of milestones since the start of 2020. Also, the feat comes after Jin's previous milestone on the said streaming platform for Moon.

Having that said, BTS Jin proves once again his intense presence in the global music spotlight as a soloist. And on top of that, the milestone speaks much of Jin's talent despite the time passed since the track was released in October 2016.

When one dissects the song, it sings of metaphors of the sky and wings, giving its listeners the message to never give up on their dreams and goals. The song's lyricism further mesmerizes the inspirational theme, as Jin's sweet and innocent vocals give allurement to its melody.

Awake also sings how people feel insecure, which leads to losing the drive to make their goal happen. Moreover, the track lives up to Jin's track concepts whenever he releases one on solo.

BTS for BE

As time is ticking, ARMYs are exceedingly excited for BTS's newest album entitled BE. The said album is set to arrive on the global music market on November 20, 2020, under the label of Colombia Records and Big Hit Entertainment.

It was also recently announced that BTS would perform the newest single of the group at the upcoming 2020 American Music Awards. The said single comes after the record-breaking release of the band's first English single titled Dynamite.