I-LAND-formed group ENHYPEN releases a video of the group’s choreography of “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)” with cute Halloween costumes.

In the video, ENHYPEN showcases their choreography and visuals in a dance video for “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams).” Each member also represents a fruit for their costumes before playfully dancing to the track, which several of them first performed as part of a battle on Mnet’s “I-LAND.”

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN has been confirmed to debut on November 30, 2020, as their record label, BELIFT LAB, announced the news on the Weverse Application on October 28. Their upcoming album, “[BORDER: DAY ONE], will be a mini-album and released with two versions; Dusk and Dawn.

Each album will contain a CD, a 204 x 214 photo book with 136 pages, a transparent story cover, bookmark, postcards, and a polaroid photo of ENHYPEN with one random image out of 150 versions each for Dawn and Dusk versions.

ENGENE (ENHYPEN fanbase) can also pre-order the album through the Weverse Application to get the group’s limited edition album freebies.

Previously, ENHYPEN released a dramatic teaser video called “Debut Trailer 1: Chosen-Choose” on Youtube. The teaser video now has 3.9 million views on the music platform.

The teaser video features a mysterious atmosphere and showcases a negative effect on the video. There is also dubbing involved in the film, with member Sim Jae Yoon narrating the whole video.

Then, ENHYPEN followed it up with the release of the second teaser video titled “Debut Trailer 2: Dusk-Dawn,” which showcases each member's visuals through a dramatic score and special effects. The video ends with the group staring at the morning sky.

ENHYPEN is a new boy group from Mnet’s survival show “I-LAND” and is signed under BELIFT LAB, a joint venture of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment; Home of K-pop superstars BTS and TXT.

ENHYPEN’s members compose of Park Jong Sung, Park Sung Hoon, Ni-Ki, Lee Hee Sung, Kim Sun Woo, and Sim Jae Yoon. The members are between the ages of 14 and 18 and are of different descent.