The lead vocalist of the world's most phenomenal K-pop boy band BTS, Park Jimin, best known as Jimin, 25, is said to have contributed majorly to the sales of Samyang Foods on its ramen product.

Reports reveal the real deal

A report by the K-pop news site, Allkpop, says that Jimin has "sparked global interest," leading people to purchase more of the Samyang Foods' ramen than they used to do. Having that said, the Filter singer vastly contributed to the increasing sales of the brand.

To those who do not know the brand, Samyang Foods is a famous instant noodle brand in South Korea founded by Jeon Jung Yoon on September 15, 1961. Since then, the brand became the most-sought South Korean brand that imports products from various countries, especially in Asia.

To date, Samyang Foods is one of the leading food manufacturers globally, which happens to be the first ramen company in South Korea.

BTS Jimin's contribution

As per Business Watch Korea, Jimin started the fans' massive buying move when he was spotted with flaming red lips and watery eyes while eating one of the brand's "hot chicken stir-fried ramen."

The result shows a surge in sales from July to August with 33& in China and 158% in the United States. The figures recently revealed by the firm is way too far and higher compared to the figures last year.

The Serendipity singer has once again proved his powerful influence in the world today. In the past, he impacted a huge sale increase on a local street stall named Tteokbokki that sells stir-fried rice cake after he was seen stopping by the said store. The food stall then reported a 25% increase in its sales.

For the time being, Jimin is preparing with his fellow band members for its newest album. BTS also recently graced the Billboard stage as they perform their record-breaking hit song Dynamite.