The South Korean all-girl group formed by Source Music in 2015, GFRIEND, enthralled its fans as the group dropped a teaser video for its forthcoming online concert titled 2020 GFRIEND Online Concert GFRIEND C:ON.

GFRIEND's unique reveal

The teaser video was uploaded on the girl group's official Youtube channel, with the vital detail that says the concert will take place on the last day of October!

The K-pop group's upcoming virtual event marks its first online concert since the group debuted in 2015.

Moreover, the 48-second video clip delivers the freshness of Yerin, Sowon, Yuju, Eunha, SinB, and Umji in an online chat graphic design. The video also resembles a social media connection, allowing the members to show off their natural charms.

GFRIEND's virtual showcase will give prominence to the engaging performances of the group. Having that said, the K-pop group is set to perform its chart-topping hits in the past, as well as tracks from its newest studio album entitled 回: Walpurgis Night.

"GFRIEND is preparing a variety of special stages filled with diverse contents and attractions for their first quality online concert," Source Music said.

Details for GFRIEND C:ON

The upcoming 2020 GFRIEND Online Concert GFRIEND C:ON is the next vast project of the K-pop group, following its sophomore Asia tour titled 2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] last year.

On the other hand, the said tour follows the group's 2018 Season of GFRIEND.

The said concert will air live for 90 minutes straight, starting from 5 P.M. KST this coming October 31. Tickets are available via Weverse Shop, where concert-goers will be provided a particular link to access the concert via their Weverse accounts.

For the time being, GFRIEND will make its newest studio album 回: Walpurgis Night on November 9.

For more details and updates on GFRIEND's online concert, stay tuned!