The suspected harassment and behavior of a former member of AOA, Jimin towards former co-member Mina, now rise digitally and draw tremendous attention from internet users and supporters.

Mina admitted, via a series of posts on Instagram, that she suffered psychologically from Jimin. Eventually, FNC Entertainment issued an official press release that Jimin had withdrawn her membership from the band and the industry.

Despite Jimin's withdrawal from the party, endless rumors are continually coming up online about Jimin's alleged abuse of Mina as well as other members.

The public does not seem to stop suspecting Jimin, who allegedly also bullied former member Choa, and stole a fan gift from Mina. An AOA fan wrote on an online forum indicating how her best-loved member was Mina and how sad and unfortunate it is for Jimin, now that everything has been exposed.

After fan conferences, fans posted a variety of images that revealed messages received from members.

Former AOA Jimin's Alleged Stealing Issue From Mina Rises Up

"Thank you for the headband! "-Mina

A fan posted, "I can't prove this yet, but since 'Mini Skirt,' I have been an AOA fan and of Mina, my favorite member.

"I figured when I learned of Mina 's departure from the band, she wanted to pursue a film acting career, and so I kept supporting her even though I was sad. Sometimes I'd give Mina presents, and I'd notice Jimin wearing my gift to Mina. I would question Jimin, 'why would you wear the gift that I bought for Mina?" the fan expressed.
Former AOA Jimin's Alleged Stealing Issue From Mina Rises Up

Sorry ... I'm not going to steal Mina's gift, haha!"-Jimin

The said fan feels a bit guilty, thinking perhaps she had said something to Jimin that influenced her and led her to maltreat Mina.

"As I reflect now, I feel a bit sorry to tell Jimin after learning and reading everything that occurred. I thought the reaction might have carried over to Mina, causing her situation even more difficult. I realize I must not feel so guilty since I don't know what was going on with them; However, I still feel so bad as a fan."

Former AOA Jimin's Alleged Stealing Issue From Mina Rises Up

People on social media who have seen the post have written encouraging messages to the fan, telling her that she has nothing to apologize about. If anything, Mina possibly will remain strong all these years due to genuine fans like her.