On October 17, Saturday, TWICE's managing agency JYP Entertainment officially put out a press statement regarding Jeongyeon's exclusion from 'Eyes Wide Open.'

JYP Entertainment's statement confirms to fans that the TWICE artist is presently suffering from psychological anxiety. 

After a lengthy discussion with the management and Jeongyeon and other TWICE members, they came up with a final decision to let Jeongyeon have her temporary break from the limelight to help recuperate, rest, and have mental peace. 

This also had led to Jeongyeon being excluded from TWICE's upcoming comeback and promotional activities of 'Eyes Wide Open.' 

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment stressed that the medical professional looking after TWICE's Jeongyeon also advised her to get adequate rest to help her gain mental stability. 

The managing label expressed how they value and prioritize their artist's physical and mental health above any matters. 

JYP Entertainment concluded their official announcement by asking for fans' understanding and support for Jeongyeon's decision and TWICE's upcoming album and comeback even without Jeongyeon. 

The agency will update fans on Jeongyeon's status and changes in the future. 

ONCEs are shocked to learn what Jeongyeon has been going through, but as others say, Idols are humans as well. 

Particularly, we have a global pandemic that restricts face-to-face gatherings. 

The fans are somehow confident that she will get through it as she has her co-members by her side to help her cope up with her mental issues. 

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TWICE's Eyes Wide Open

Twice is set to comeback in the K-pop scene this coming October 26, as JYP Entertainment confirmed. 

On October 11, TWICE dropped the official tracklist of their second upcoming full-length album, 'Eyes Wide Open,' which consists of the ff: 

  1. Can't Stop Me
  2. Hell In Heaven
  3. Up No More
  4. Do What We Like
  5. Bring It Back
  6. Believer
  7. Queen
  8. Go Hard
  9. Shot Clock
  10. Handle It
  11. Depend On You
  12. Say Something
  13. Behind The Mask