The South Korean all-girl group Dreamcatcher, who recently released an album entitled Dystopia: Love Myself as its fifth entry, is slated to hold its second online concert. The event is titled Dystopia: Seven Spirits, which will take place this November 7 at precisely 10 P.M. KST.

Moreover, Dreamcatcher will give prominence to a live band that will accompany the girls' mesmerizing performances.

Details for Dystopia: Seven Spirits

Dystopia: Seven Spirits is in partnership with MyMusicTaste, an emerging firm supporting artists in facilitating online concerts.

Dreamcatcher's upcoming virtual event comes after the release of its fifth album and its first-ever online concert. Having that said, the demand of fans for Dreamcatcher to hold another show led the group to do so.

However, since travel restrictions and social distancing protocols are still mandated, fans of the chart-topping girl group cannot partake in the show in-live. But MyMusicTaste is on its rescue mission, making the concert of Dreamcatcher as realistic as possible.

Dreamcatcher's upcoming concert's concept and title are inspired by the symbolism that the girl group is holding since the first installment of its Dystopia trilogy.

The latest album of the group Dystopia: Lose Myself is the last entry for its trilogy. The gorgeous members of Dreamcatcher specify that they possess the spirits who reside on a dystopian planet.

Tickets for the group's virtual event are currently on sale via MyMusicTaste's official website.

Member Handong reunited with the group

Alongside the announcement of Dreamcatcher's online concert is the reveal that member Handong is back!

The vast announcement confirmed the talks that Handong is spotted to back in South Korea.

It was reported that Handong was not able to participate in the group's latest album because of a venture she needs to take care of in her hometown, China. In 2019, she left South Korea and flew to China to participate in the Chinese survival show titled Youth With You Season 2.

Unfortunately, the place where Handong resided is where it was said COVID-19 started. Due to the matter, strict travel restrictions were implemented for the residents of the area.

Welcome back, Handong!