The 7-member South Korean all-boy group, VERIVERY, put on a dazzling show for its comeback by releasing the album entitled FACE US.

The K-pop group's said album release shares a wide array of variations that showcases VERIVERY's dynamic performances and signature sounds. Moreover, FACE US is the group's unique way of expressing its connection to its music's populace. 

What makes the return of VERIVERY remarkable is its massive content inspired by unique concepts.


The latest album of VERIVERY bottles up five splendid tracks and a CD-only single called Thank You, Next?

The song G.B.T.B hails and EDM beat number that allows the thumping beat to be implanted. The song sings of a hopeful message that one can go through any trials as the new beginning is just near.

The next song is titled MY FACE, which also tags along with an electro beat. The mesmerizing lyricism of each verse blends the enthralling atmosphere of the music.

The third song that comprises the album is Hold me tight, showing off the boy group's sultry side. The flirty vibe of the song makes it more powerful, alongside the beautiful heavy bass rhythm.

Furthermore, the song called Get Outta My Way is a significant hit to its listeners and fans as it goes along with the thumping beat brought by synth and bass.

The last song from the album is So gravity, composed by members YEONHO, GYEHYEON, and DONGHEON. The angelic voices of each member tell the untold story of the group's evolution.

G.B.T.B music video

VERIVERY wowed its fans as the band graced the music video of G.B.T.B with its extreme choreography.

Furthermore, the music video hails a sci-fi concept that sees each member's fascination. The story plot continues to reveal that the video focuses on the band's journey into finding themselves that made them become the better version of themselves is the endgame.

Watch the music video below!