The South Korean all-girl group Weki Meki put on a splendid show for its comeback with its newest album in the form of an extended play, entitled New Rules.

Weki Meki showed off a wide array of concepts as each member delivers their distinct charms through it’s the album’s tracks. Moreover, the K-pop group indeed brought songs that every fan can add to their playlist.

New Rules by Weki Meki

The lead single of New Rules is COOL, a dance song that bottles up dance-worthy beat. The chilly synth instrumental and mesmerizing melody proves that Weki Meki shares its different sides. Moreover, the K-pop group exudes intense confidence while channeling good vibes to its fans.

The next track is called Sweat Dreams. The said song also comprises groovy rhythms that share a relaxed atmosphere. Adding spice to the music is the lyricism that sings of a special night and emancipating feelings. Weki Meki’s warm and sweet vocals are given prominence to the track, making the song the best choice for a night music binge.

The third track is different from the first two songs of the album. D-DAY tags along with an acoustic guitar and sings of confessing one’s feeling. The song is dedicated to all Weki Meki members, reminiscing the time they spent together during their trainee days.

The song called Just Us highlights the songwriting skills of members Lucy, Rina, and Yoojoung. Also, the song’s composition is participated by Suyeon.

The album's last song is titled 100 Facts, the full-English version of the album’s title track.

COOL music video by Weki Meki

The music video of New Rules’ title track best fits the song itself, as it flaunted each member's different sides.

Weki Meki donned all-white outfits while dancing their bodies out in front of a black backdrop. The K-pop group indeed did not upset its fans by giving off a synergy music video for COOL.