SM Entertainment’s newest all-boy group NCT 2020, has stunned their fans, who call themselves NCTzens, enthralling vast peeks for their forthcoming album entitled RESONANCE Pt. 1.

On September 20, the South Korea-based entertainment agency first hinted the dashing lads’ return as 23 members by sharing a brand-new minimalist logo, Hellokpop reported.

SM Entertainment gave prominence to the number 2020 as the all-new logo stormed the attention of its fans. Furthermore, the anticipation was made clear by the agency through the reveal of its mega-project boy ensemble NCT for this year.

As SM Entertainment finest brings back to life before the year ends, NCT 2020 comprises the residing members of NCT DREAM, NCt 127, and Way V. Additional members hailing from NCT U joins the team, namely Sungchan and Shotaro.

The NCT boy groups have been known for following their unique pattern in interacting with fans, and NCT 2020’s upcoming album RESONANCE Pt 1 sings of track that encourages everyone to go hand-in-hand through music.

RESONANCE Pt 1 bottles up 12 tracks, and two of which hailed as the group’s leading singles, such as From Home and Make a Wish.

Moreover, the album is NCT’s invigorating comeback as a whole team since the release of Empathy, which is an album that contains the pieces of records dating 2016 to 2018.


On top of the vast announcement made by the mega-boy group, NCT 2020 delivered stunning teasers that contain in-depth symbolism through its theatrical notes.

The first teaser perfectly blurted out the history of the band with their alluring charms. The second teaser shares the needed details of the album that paved the way for its arrival on October 16 with the launching of From Home’s music video.

Furthermore, the agency revealed the details for the group’s online showcase titled WISH 2020. The said event took its place on NCT V Live channel on September 23 at precisely 6 P.M. KST.