MONSTA X’s Minhyuk and Shownu made known the second live video of them singing and feeling the newly released melodic OST track titled HAVE A GOODNIGHT. The MONSTA X members indeed made their fans’ hearts go wild and melt with their vivid and dashing looks that add up to the refreshing vibe of the video.

The extravagant yet feely video, and its romantic setup, made it more ambient and chillier. The corner filled with humid plants and massive white drapes has coincided with the intense chandeliers, making the location glow and spark fairy lights.


The OST sang by Minhyuk and Shownu tags along in a medium tempo melody that sings of a fascinating and melancholy tune. HAVE A GOODNIGHT has captured the attention of its listeners, as well as its web drama series’ viewers and supporters through its intense wordings.

“Come into my arms, don’t worry / Remember this clearly / Make a wish when you see a shooting star,” such lines sing. Moreover, listeners see the track’s lyricism as an ode to someone they genuinely love.

Minhyuk and Shownu have never made their fans upset with their sophistication, especially on their record. Minhyuk graces the said track with his husky and airy notes, while Shownu let loosed of his high pitch tones effortlessly.

Moreover, the two dashing and talented MONSTA X members will surely entice their listeners to storm over the track and even the web drama series it belongs to.

HAVE A GOODNIGHT is a song for the webtoon entitled She’s My Type, and also a piece for the main character named Haedam. The said track is situated in the point of view of its male lead character.

On the other hand, MONSTA X is preparing to drop their newest album by October or November. The much-needed details of the album are still on the works, to date.