The rise of the K-pop culture internationally and on Spotify, alongside the supporting acts of the various fandom, is a massive factor of K-pop success. The enticing new podcast entry of Spotify's 'For the Record' series titled 'From Seoul to Sao Paolo: The Global Rise of K-Pop,' has given prominence to Stray Kids.

In the said Spotify podcast, the streaming platform sits with the South Korean all-boy group Stray Kids.

Stray Kids is among the most-listened K-pop artists of their generation. The latter express their sentiments on how the specific genre they are creating music breaks language walls among listeners globally. Moreover, the dashing lads revealed the best cook in the band and even shared a mosquito impression.

'From Seoul to Sao Paolo: The Global Rise of K-Pop' also graces the intelligent commentary of Spotify's Head of Artist Label Partnerships in Southeast Asia Koss Ng, Brazil-born K-pop fans Erica Imenes and Babi Dewet, Kpapo, and Korean singer, actor, and comedian basing in the United Arab Emirates Wonho Chung.

When asked about making and producing music of their craft, Stray Kids shared that since their band debuted and started their journey as K-pop idols, they thought of making and creating music of their own to make it more unique to their fans.

"… to be a bit more truthful and to really put our hearts into our music," the band added. Moreover, the importance of writing one's music is at its highest level of need because they are the ones who are performing.

Additionally, the band revealed the necessity of staying in touch with their fans, who call themselves Strays. Stray Kids said that they treat their fans as family, and they always understand them no matter what, so they could feel better when they are not.

"And for that, that's one of the really important things that we have to do," the group added.