The K-pop industry and the massive fans of B.I. were saddened when the iKON leader was involved in a shocking controversy publicized by Dispatch. The situation dragged B.I alongside WINNER's Han Seo Hee and Lee Seung Hoon on the imperfect scenario where the artists were prominently accused of buying and abusing drugs and substances like LSD and marijuana.

The matter led each artist to take part in various drug involved charges but not all of them, as per Kpopstarz.

Since then, several headlines' content and happening rocked on the K-pop world as various reports and several primary backlashes have concurred. It led to the resignation of Y.G. Entertainment's founder Yang Hyun-Suk shortly counting hours since Dispatch's vast reveal.

Furthermore, B.I. took on his Instagram account to make known his departure from his beloved band, iKON, fans, and agency, Y.G. Entertainment.

Nonetheless, the situation became better when the fans learned about the right actions that B.I had involved himself anonymously, without the media. As the K-pop artist shows his genuine heart and intentions, he was revealed to have given 10,000 face masks to his Chinese fans amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases and 50,000 face masks to his fans from across the globe.

The matter comes after a fan has shared her wonderful experience with the artist where B.I. has out his only umbrella to the fan, making him run under the pouring rain. Additionally, the former iKON leader donated to the various child concerning organizations by delivering 1000 masks to children via Angels' Haven for Children.

"He started doing charity since last November. Aside from what's been in the headlines, B.I comes in whenever his schedule allows," a representative from the organization said.

Even before he was involved in the drug controversy, the artist is known for his active time working with various charities. He is also best for dealing and helping underprivileged people by spending time with them through music, especially the kids.