The South Korean idols and members of the all-girl ensemble LOVELYZ, Jin, and Baby Soul stun in their solo images to tease their fans for their upcoming album entitled ‘Unforgettable.’

Since the announcement of the band’s comeback album debut, all eight gorgeous ladies have been poking at their fans’ anticipation daily with their concept images. The recent addition to the list is members Jin and Baby Soul’s dazzling photographs and video trailers.

As per Hellokpop, both girls showcased their amusing factors in their photos, making the fans and supporters view it as an enticing one, added up by their intense appeals. In particular, Baby Soul, 28, illuminates with an all-new aura and charm due to her mesmerizing purple hair color. On the other hand, Jin, 24, flaunts her signature compelling atmosphere in a side view angle.

Moreover, the two members also took the chance to show the different side as an artist in their solo video teasers. Jin and Baby Soul delivered an enlivening atmosphere through wide-eyed gazes to the camera, giving off their more highlighted versatility for their comeback album.

The ‘Unforgettable’ video teasers of the two ladies are almost complete, having only two members left to release. When the puzzle is complete, LOVELYZ will make the first music video teaser available for their album’s lead single called ‘Obliviate.’

The music video teaser will then be followed by a Highlight Medley and an exciting Jacket creation. The teasers of any kind will conclude by unleashing a sophomore music video teaser styled in a performance category.

Before the group’s solo teasers were released, all eight ladies of LOVELYZ shared new ideas and concepts for their album, presenting a more fully-pledged and pure feel side of each member, while the other delivered their fun-filled side.

Meanwhile, the South Korean idols will give prominence to their newest mini-album on September 1.