On August 27, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement concerning BTS's upcoming concert scheduled October 10-11 KST: saying the event might move out to new dates considering the spike in COVID-19 infections.

The event previously made known to be a 4-day concert tour in Korea, which was supposed to take place in April. The agency had to cancel the said concert due to the Coronavirus's worldwide spread (COVID-19). According to Allkpop, this led fans to react negatively.

After closely monitoring the situation, Big Hit Entertainment's head producer Bang Si Hyuk officially announced on August 13 that BTS would hold a brand new solo concert titled 'Map of the Soul ON:E,' both online and in-person, reported from KpopStarz.

However, it looks like ARMYs will have to wait a little more to meet with BTS again.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, "There has been a recent spike in COVID19 cases, and hence the uncertainty of the feasibility of our concert has risen. We will be checking on this carefully henceforth."

The agency further added that it wanted to prevent any incidents that could contribute to the virus's spread and ensure a safe concert space. They will be announcing more details about the concert and the online streaming, separately.

Based on a Koreaboo report, spiking cases of COVID-19 has placed many South Koreans under fear and uncertainty. The country has currently moved to a higher regulation on social distancing and is strongly encouraging everyone to stay at home where it is safer.

The Coronavirus has negatively affected the worldwide music industry, canceling significant events to lessen the burden of spreading the disease.

Meanwhile, BTS received the renowned 'James A. Van Fleet, Korea Society's highest honor award, for their massive contributions to the country. On top of that, the septet achieved their highest record yet with their new English-language single "Dynamite," which landed on the number three spot in the singles charts from the United Kingdom and Germany.