Although SM Entertainment is one of K-pop's largest firms, that doesn't guarantee all of the celebrities under the firm were eager to join immediately. Some icons were even "repeatedly asked" to join the company SM Entertainment!

Here's a compilation of some artists who were basically "pleaded" to join SM Entertainment. (via Koreaboo)


SM Entertainment discovered Sehun while he and his friends were enjoying some tteokbokki (spicy rice cake). When he was about to depart, he was approached by a few casting agents from SM Entertainment.

Sehun was advised not to speak with strangers, though, so he started to run away from the hiring managers. Sehun eventually talked with the casting agents after about 30 minutes of running away. In the end, he landed a role for the agency and became an EXO member.


Owing to his incredible visuals, Taeyong was discovered on the streets by a casting agent of SM Entertainment. Even so, Taeyong did not know anything about K-pop and was reluctant to send a reply to the hiring manager.

The casting manager subsequently returned to Taeyong and got him some bread. It was enough to persuade Taeyong to audition for the agency, as he now realized the people were good at SM Entertainment.


Minho got scouted when he was in a ski resort by an SM Entertainment casting manager. At first, however, he rejected the request of the casting manager. That did not deter SM Entertainment, as another selection manager subsequently contacted Minho. Ultimately Minho yielded in and agreed to accept the offer from the casting manager.


When an SM Entertainment casting agent first approached Winwin, he decided to give them an incorrect mobile number because he was suspicious. That didn't seem to stop SM Entertainment, though, as they chose to provide Winwin another offer upon seeing his Chinese traditional dance show at his school.