YG Entertainment rookie group TREASURE sets a new record in their first-week debut of 'Boy.'

According to Hanteo, TREASURE's debut album 'The First Step: Chapter One,' released on August 13, sold over 166,614 copies over a week. This marks the most significant number of album sales by any rookie group has held before.

It was previously reported that TREASURE's debut album reached over 200,000 stock pre-order sales. In addition, the group's debut single 'Boy' hit the number one spot on iTunes Top Songs Charts in 19 countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Luxembourg, Indonesia, Qatar, Peru, Thailand, and more.

TREASURE also had major success in Japan with the help of Japanese members Yoshi, Mashiho, and Haruto, as they secured the number one spot in multiple Japanese Music Charts.

Their debut single 'Boy' dominated in Rakuten Music Chart in both real-time ranking and AWA rapid rise charts. 'Boy' also topped the Japanese iTunes Charts under the category of Pop and Kpop.

Meanwhile, TREASURE also broke the record for the most likes for any group on the show V LIVE. To celebrate their debut day and communicate with their fans worldwide, TREASURE held an online broadcast on the show, V LIVE, on August 7, 4 p. m. KST.

Fans of the K-pop idols consistently tapped the heart button within the limited time, which to TREASURE's surprise, accumulated 1.078 billion likes.

TREASURE was speechless when the news came out that they hit a billion likes on V LIVE. The boyband individually thanked their fans for the support and thanked them for making a billion likes possible. The groups' 'The First Step: Chapter One V LIVE Debut Countdown Live' lasted two hours before the single 'Boy' was released.

In other related news, TREASURE's fans have noticed that some of the group's members have undergone an image change as they dyed their hair in a different color. Fans have speculated online that TREASURE may opt to set an immediate comeback after releasing 'The First Step: Chapter One' album in the future.