• Late Sulli's Final Interview 'To Sulli' to Premiere at the 28th Busan International Film Festival: A Glimpse into the Star's Inner World

    In a poignant revelation, it has been announced that the last interview with the late K-pop star, Sulli, will be unveiled to the public, four years after her tragic passing. The news has stirred emotions among fans, offering a deeper insight into the life and thoughts of the beloved artist.
  • Netflix's 'Persona 2': Posthumous Tribute to K-pop Icon Sulli or Merely a Speculation?

    Intrigue surrounds the highly anticipated posthumous release of "Persona 2," featuring the final performance of the late K-pop star and actress, Sulli, on Netflix. Four years after her tragic death, whispers of a possible June 16 release date are stirring up excitement among her fans and movie buffs alike.
  • A Grim Pattern in K-Pop: The Tragic Stories of Moonbin, Sulli, and Jonghyun

    In December 2017 and November 2019, Jonghyun and Sulli passed away, and on April 19, 2023, Astro's Moonbin left the side of his fans at the young age of 25. K-Pop fans are mourning during this time of sorrow as tragic news about idols continues to emerge. There are voices of reflection within the industry, striving to change the system before more lives are lost.
  • Instagram Memorializes Accounts Of Late Sulli, Jonghyun, And Goo Hara

    Instagram had officially leveled up its platform by adding new features, including memorialization, which shows on top of the user's profile name. On December 11 Friday, Koreaboo reported that Instagram had updated its platform by adding new features such as the memorialization feature. This update will be shown on top of the user's name with the phrase 'Remembering,' you could also click the word and display additional information regarding the feature. It has been widely known that several prominent K-pop idols died in the past years who were given memorialization features by Instagram. These artists include Sulli, SHINee's Jonghyun, and KARA's Goo Hara. Through this feature, whenever a fan visits their profile, the feature will remind them of their unfortunate and bittersweet passing. The banner on top of their names will show up message once you click them. It says, "This account has been memorialized. It is a space to remember and seek comfort." Some fans are relieved by this new feature of Instagram, which honors K-Idols and other people's passing, but they could surely glance whenever they miss their favorite idols. SHINee Jonghyun's Passing The young K-pop idol and a member of the boy band SHINee passed away in December 2017 due to suicide. It has been reported that Jonghyun even contacted his older sister after he sent disturbing messages on KakaoTalk with the words "last goodbye" and "say I did well." Jonghyun's older sister became extremely worried and promptly called the emergency responders that day to check on Jonghyun's residence to do a welfare check. Authorities arrived at Jonghyun's place, discovering his lifeless body on the floor. Despite being rushed to the hospital and being given CPR treatment, Jonghyun's body gave up, and was pronounced dead. Goo Hara's Passing Goo Hara died last November 2019 and was found lifeless in her residence in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam. The authorities have ruled the cause of death as a possible suicide after discovering a suicide note written by the K-pop idol herself. To prove the rule, the authorities investigated the crime scene and concluded no signs of foul play in her home. Sulli's Passing According to an emergency response employee, Sulli died due to suicide. In October 2019, news broke that the young K-pop idol passed away, just a month after Goo Hara died. Sulli was discovered lifeless by her manager on the second floor of her home in Seongnam. Police concluded that it was indeed suicide after discovering no signs of foul play and forced break-in at her home.
  • K-pop Fans Remember Late Sulli On Her First Death Anniversary

    Today, October 14, marks the first year of the tragic passing of f(x) member Sulli.
  • MBC Takes Down Late Sulli's Life Documentary Following Controversies

    Sulli's documentary "Docuplex," has been taken down is not available anymore for streaming. Since it garnered negative comments and controversy, MBC has agreed to take down the documentary. (via KdramaStars)
  • Sulli's Mom Narrates Her Daughter's Heartbreaking Life Story In MBC's 'Docuplex' Documentary

    MBC's Docuplex drops a documentary highlighting the life, career, and eventual demise of ex-f(x) representative Sulli!
  • Sulli's Mother Lambasted For Using Her When She Was Still Alive

    The remark was about Sulli's mom's participation in MBC's Docuplex. In an episode based on Sulli called "Why did you find Sulli so problematic?" Sulli was always in contact with her parent, and her bond reportedly mirrored that of two of her closest friends, not mother and daughter type.
  • MBC's 'DocuPlex' Releases Teaser Preview For Sulli's Documentary

    The 2nd preview featuring personal experiences and life story of the late f(x) member/actress Sulli was launched on "DocuPlex" by MBC last September 3!
  • MBC To Work On A Documentary Featuring Late K-pop Idol Sulli

    MBC announces that they will be making a documentary about the late K-pop star Sulli.