• Female Soloists Reign Supreme: Hwasa, Lee Chaeyeon, and Ailee Gear Up for Fall Comebacks

    As August marks the tail end of summer, female solo artists have been making notable waves in the music scene, and this momentum is set to continue into the fall. Kwon Eunbi, who began gaining attention as the "Watermelon Goddess," has continued her rise with a new album. Jeon Somi entered the top 5 of the music charts, and TWICE's Jihyo achieved half a million sales as a solo artist. Other artists like Soyou, Jo Yuri, and Yerin also showcased their prowess. Amidst the dominance of groups, the achievements of female soloists have been particularly striking.
  • Ailee Is All Set For Her Comeback With The Single 'I'm'

    Ailee will drop her fifth mini-album entitled 'I'm,' with a title track called 'When We Were In Love' on October 6.
  • October Comebacks And Debuts You Should Look Forward To!

    Fans are ecstatic and are all hyped-up as the world finally reached the first day of the month! It is confirmed that several K-pop groups and artists are bound to make history as they make a return in the K-pop scene this October!
  • K-pop Idols Who Shared Stories About Their Past Breakups

    Although most K-pop idols prefer to be more discreet regarding their previous relationships, several celebrities have opted for more transparency. Here's a compilation of a few K-pop stars who have spoken about their past failed relationships.