TREASURE's Bang Ye Dam shared his thoughts in an interview on finally debuting after seven long years of training!

In June 2013, Bang Ye Dam first joined YG Entertainment as a trainee right after winning on SBS's reality competition program "K-Pop Star 2" as second place. After seven long years of training, he finally made his premiere in a new boy group TREASURE.

Bang Ye Dam shared that he also went through the same training process as all other members, although he was already famous when joining the agency. He stayed humble and open to some changes and improvements.

He also added in modesty that although he trained for a long time, it is not just him, all of the members prepared for a long time and went through many changes in practices. Bang Ye Dam and all of the group members were able to enhance, build up even more, and prepare things such as vocals, dance, or rap outside their prime focus. TREASURE members were all geared up as they started the journey as a group and prepared themselves for what is coming in their careers.

Furthermore, he also said that they think that they all probably felt proud and honored when they saw how each of them grow. They were happy seeing each other molded into better ones all along from their pieces of training. He shared that the agency cast all of them because they showed many improvements through their efforts, potentials they have demonstrated, and training hard together.

Bang Ye Dam launched his career, releasing his solo single "WAYO" earlier this month, before his debut with TREASURE. He shared his comments, speaking with affection on the song that he was so glad to release a solo track before his debut as part of the TREASURE project.

Right after TREASURE's debut with the first single album "THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE" last August 7, their little track "BOY" reached the top of iTunes charts countries worldwide. Their music and video recordings for the song have also garnered views at an impressive speed.