BTS Jimin continues to soar high with his current success as the singer is proclaimed King in the Middle East as his solo career takes flight.

BTS Jimin broke his previous record on Anghami, The most massive music chart in the Middle East, as his solo single "Filter," surpasses 600,000 streams on August 17. With this, Jimin is the only Korean who has four singles with over 600k streams in Anghami.

Jimin's solo single "Filter" is on the BTS fourth full-length album "Map of Soul: 7," which reached 600,000 streams on Anghami, proving the influence of the boyband's music around the world. This feat is already trending on social media as fans celebrated with Jimin's success.

Meanwhile, BTS' "Filter" ranks as the highest on the music chart among all four songs in the album. The single didn't just outrank all the other solo songs in the "Map of Soul: 7" album but the title track as well.

In earlier news, BTS Jimin has been illustrated by famous illustrator Lee K to make a masterpiece that is to be featured in his workshop for the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Germany. Lee K also stated that the Jimin art piece would be part of a workshop for the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Munich, Germany.

The news, featuring Jimin's illustration by Lee K. was shared on both the illustrator and the Benjamin Eck Gallery's social media post.

In other related news, BTS has unveiled their upcoming movie titled "Break the Silence: The Movie" with a teaser MV that includes snippets of the group's "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" World tour in 2019.

On August 13, Big Hit Entertainment official release BTS's 4th documentary film "Break the Silence: The Movie," which fans can catch on September 10. In the film's trailer, fans can take a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage of the group's world tour and their close friendship together.