As we all know, the "ending pose" of every K-pop group plays a huge role in the choreography and performance. To make an impact, you have to strike that pose that also serves as the group's signature pose.

Produce 101 has served as a benchmark where it has also gained importance in the industry. Contestants in the show have to think about their expression and "ending pose" because it can either make them or break them.

Last 2018, EXO's Baekhyun's sexy ending pose trended for days after their performance at the Golden Disc Awards of their song "Diamonds."

ONO Entertainment trainee Jang Moon Bok was also known, aside from his high rankings in the show, but also for his ending pose in Produce 101's "PICK ME (It's Me)" performance. Fans said that he looked like Chaeyeon of DIA.

On top of everything, we have Taeyeon of Girls Generation, the true master of ending poses. Her poses are fun and have variety. And depending on what she is wearing, she makes the clothes part of the performance and poses, which screams professional.

During Girls Generation "Mr Mr" era, Taeyeon showed off her mastery not just as the center of the group but also by adding her sense of style when she wore that "maid" collar outfit. Next is when she was wearing a necktie, which she loosened it up as she strikes her pose.

Lastly, it is her great ending in which she is flashing her jacket. They have also been famous and known as a group with a fashionable sense. So, even without that "maid" color, necktie, or jacket, she has still brought her attitude with her.

It made her the Original Gangster(OG), and the same reason she has been called one of the top idols in the K-pop entertainment and the business.