American Artist Cupid accuses SEVENTEEN and Pledis Entertainment of plagiarizing "Cupid Shuffle," his most famous hit. Cupid uploaded a clip and a tweet on August 14 on how he claimed that SEVENTEEN featured portions of his 2007 pop hit in their new opening track, "Left & Right." (via Koreaboo)

The artist also posted a video that revealed the striking similarities between his music and SEVENTEEN's latest track. He expressed how he began to feel like K-pop artists were taking advantage of "our culture" when one of his followers said how the two tracks' beats sounded almost similar. Cupid is an African American, and it may relate to the black community.

He has explicitly laid out his requests he seeks from Pledis Entertainment, which is reimbursement for the use of his songs. Cupid decided to approach Pledis Entertainment about all this but expressed that the agency did not address his concerns yet.


Born and grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, Bryson Bernard is an American artist, known professionally by his pseudonym Cupid. He released three albums and is mostly remembered for his hit "Cupid Shuffle."


The artist first gained radio airplay for his first self-released track "Do Ya Thang" in 2001. His next self-produced album, The King of Down South R&B from 2005, received mainstream attention all over the country, from Florida to Texas. He was signed on to Atlantic Records in January 2007, immediately before the launch of his third album, Time For a Change.

His debut album release, "Cupid Shuffle," debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at # 66 and the Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Songs ranking at # 21. The album has now reached double platinum and gets 6,500 additional downloads per week. His other tracks feature "Say Yes," "Happy Dance," "Do My Ladies Run This Party," and "The Love Slide."