Bang Ye Dam from TREASURE shares his thoughts and personal experience about debuting after seven long years of preparation in a recent interview.

Bang Ye Dam first entered YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2013, having secured the second spot on SBS' "K-Pop Star 2" selection program. He eventually began his professional career as a member of the current boy group TREASURE seven years later.

Recalling the trainee days, he mentioned how time strengthened his skills and talents as an artist. Even being already renowned back in the days, he revealed how he went the same process as all his co-members did under their managing label's supervision.

He also earnestly mentioned, "Although I've prepared for a long period, this wasn't just me: every one of the members was long poised as well. That's why we have cultivated and evolved much more, and all representatives have been able to schedule activities outside their scope [such as singing, dancing, or rap]."

"All the members have changed a lot, even me. I think we all feel so proud to see how others have blossomed. I believe all the members were set [by the company] for showing prospects, and then we trained around each other." (via Soompi)

Before his official debut in a now rising rookie band TREASURE. Bang Ye-dam already established his career by launching his solo single 'WAYO.' Referring to his single, he mentioned how delighted he was when his song was released to the public before TREASURE premiered.

Promptly after TREASURE's official launch in the K-pop scene with their first single release "THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE" on August 7, their opening hit "BOY" jumped to the top of iTunes rankings in several countries across the world, and their music video for the song racked up hits and views at an incredible pace as well.