Park Jin Young, Sunmi, and Kim Hyung Suk feature in MBC's August 12 episode of "Radio Star."

During the show, Park Jin Young and Sunmi talked about their duet, "When We Disco," and the time when Park Jin Young and the Wonder Girls promoted in the United States.

Park Jin Young also shared about being roommates with Bang Si Hyuk. Park Jin Young and Bang Si Hyuk met in the 1990s due to their passion for music.

After Park Jin Young founded the label JYP Entertainment, Bang Si Hyuk then joined as a producer. In 2005, Bang Si Hyuk left JYP and founded Big Hit Entertainment.

Park Jin Young shared in "Radio Star" that they were in the United States during that time when they don't have any money, so they shared a room on the house of someone he knew. He continued that they could not sell a single song for a whole year, and both of them were on edge living in someone else's house, so they got a fight over every small thing.

Furthermore, Park Jin Young continued and said that Bang Si Hyuk is younger than him, so he became the laundry's in-charge. Bang si Hyuk told him not to leave the socks inside and out because he keeps on forgetting, and eventually when they are both tired for the day, they explode.

JYP Entertainment now has a new company building despite the difficulties in the US promotions and even now has a company building with an organic restaurant. Park Ji Young shared that he never thought JYP would become this big.

"To be honest, it is unbelievable for a company to have a 10-story building." He noted that Big Hit Entertainment is more prominent, of course, and Yang Hyun Suk's YG Entertainment is bigger too.

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young also addressed the controversy about his religion, where Dispatch, in 2018, released photos and recordings of him being a Salvation Sect member. He clarified that he is not part of the sect and is not part of a particular denomination. He explained that the meetings were a regular Bible study group that he started with his friend.