On August 13, Big Hit Entertainment conducted a corporate briefing to discuss the company's plans and review its success this year.

As per preliminary estimates, Chairman Bang Si Hyuk announced that the company reported 294 billion won (about $248.3 million) in combined sales and 49.7 billion won (about $42 million) in operating income in the first quarter of 2020.

Compared to the beginning of the prior year, Big Hit saw combined sales growth of 46.9 percent and a gross profit increase of 27.1 percent. The Chairman clarified that although encountering difficulties due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, including the schedule change of BTS's world tour.

Apart from their successful album and digital sales, and interactive performances, they could resolve the recession, adding Pledis Entertainment to Big Hit Labels has also been beneficial. The Big Hit Label agency categories are BTS, TXT, GFRIEND, NU'EST, and SEVENTEEN. The five groups together accounted for 40 percent of all music sales inside Gaon 's top 100 music charts.

Sales for "Map of the Soul: 7" by BTS (4.26 million copies) and "Heng:garæ" by SEVENTEEN (1.2 million copies) contributed to 53 percent of the top 10. As reported in the previous company conference of Big Hit, the company intends to promote a new boy band composed of this year's final "I-LAND" winners and a girls' group with Source Music in 2021, another boy team in 2022.

After the conference, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that in October, BTS would execute an online and offline live performance called 'BTS Map of the Soul ON: E.'

Chairman Bang Si Hyuk asked fans to look forward to all the forthcoming virtual English-language track "Dynamite" from BTS and announced that the band's latest album is scheduled to drop sometime this year in the fourth quarter. (via Soompi)


BTS's success has inspired many musicians, namely (G)I-DLE, D-Crunch's Hyunho, The Boyz's Younghoon, Hwall, SF9's Zuho, Euna Kim, Golden Child's Jaehyun, Wanna One, [410] IN2IT, Park Ji-hoon and more!

The National Gugak Center would have to broaden the volume of Korean instrument sounds usable after BTS launched their track "Idol" due to increased demand from Korean and international producers. After BTS' "Love Yourself" and RM 's speech at the United Nations, K-pop idol bands also started to shift the concepts of their lyrics from love stories to terms like "seeking for myself."