IU’s latest song ‘Eight’ featuring BTS’ Suga takes another win on ‘Inkigayo’ even though it’s been a month already after its premiere. IU has been winning for three consecutive weeks on the show, achieving the Triple Crown status.

Eight was released as a digital single on May 6, 2020, by EDAM Entertainment. The song was written by IU, Suga, and El Capitxn and was produced by Suga. The single debuted at number one on the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart and achieved a ‘Perfect All Kill’ on Korean platforms.

The music video for "Eight" was directed by Kim Woogie (GDW) and features IU revisiting various phases of her youth through her memories in a ‘futuristic’ backdrop.

The track received positive reviews both for its music and lyrics. IU and Suga both described the process of their collaboration as ‘smooth’, which is something that you would expect when two of the most amazing songwriter-idols work together.

Aside from the music itself, the music video for Eight also got everyone talking. It was reported that the music video is composed of IU’s memories, going through the various phases of her life.

Part of the video was animated and three characters got the fans’ attention. One was a girl riding on a plane, another was a reptile that turned into a dragon, and the last figure was a girl in a white dress.

The girl riding on the plane can be easily identified as IU because of the similar features, like her mole.

From the plane, animated IU looks through the window plane and sees the girl in the white dress jump from the cliff but was caught by the dragon. IU is then seen looking at both of them fly away with teary eyes.

Fans are speculating that the girl in the white dress represented her close friend Sulli, who died last October 2019, while the dragon represented another close friend of IU, Jonghyun, who also died last December 2017.

The music video theory makes the track more emotional as IU started the song with the lyrics “So are you happy now?”

IU has not confirmed the speculations regarding the music video. However, we cannot deny that the song is a work of art.