Park Jimin, the main vocalist of the most popular Kpop boy group BTS, has made another achievement. This time, he inspired illustrator Lee K to create a masterpiece that is to be featured in his workshop for the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Germany.

Illustrator Lee K posted on social media his latest art featuring Park Jimin of BTS and captioned “Graphite on Paper 2020.” The illustrator posted a teaser video of his masterpiece showing the artist’s progress in creating it and entitled it as “Muse Language – Denial of Language.”

Lee K also stated that the Jimin art piece would be part of a workshop for the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Munich, Germany. The news, featuring Jimin’s illustration by Lee K was shared on both the illustrator and the Benjamin Eck Gallery’s social media post.

This is not the first time that BTS Jimin is drawn in a canvass as many illustrators such as the mentioned Lee K, Kim So Hong, Gianluca Constantini, and Alejandro Vigilante have created their own work and shared it on social media. Numerous illustrators stated that the singer has a perfectly structured figure along with his ethereal visual has made them feature him on their work, making Jimin a muse of the world of art.

In other related news, Jimin has also been trending across the world when the BTS member posted two selcals on Twitter. The singer’s latest tweet recorded to reach 1 million in just 1 hour and 43 minutes after its release, making it the 4th fastest tweet to achieve this feat.

The post has reached multiple number 1s on the trending list in several countries like Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and many more. Park Jimin now has two tweets among the top 4 fastest tweets to set this record next to Harry Styles and BTS.